New South Wales

We are seeking volunteers in both Newcastle and Sydney.



To regsiter your interest in any of these positions email

Regional Manager
Role: To manage and oversee the Newcastle operations of Carpets for Communities. This role is a leadership position reporting directly to the Executive based in Cambodia. Key responsibilities include direction setting for the volunteer team, providing support and direction to the team as required, ensuring sustainability and growth, managing and contributing to all activities including retail and market sales avenues and fundraising activities, recruitment and reporting.

Market Stall Representative
Role: To manage the functioning of a market stall, encouraging carpet sales and public support.

Events Coordinator
We are seeking people for the following roles to join our Events Team.

Logistics Coordinator: Securing the venue, catering, preparing the agenda, organising set up, and tear down and other tasks to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Sponsorships & Donations Coordinator: Responsible for the creation of a sponsorship package, recruitment and ongoing liaison with corporate sponsors, catering prizes sponsors, securing of donations for raffle, silent auction, etc

Marketing Coordinator: Responsible for event publicity, ticket sales, social media and other tasks to ensure event visibility and attendance.

Treasurer: Responsible for the management of the event budget, payments, reimbursements and revenues.

Retail Coordinator
Role: To source new sales avenues and manage existing relationships with retailers.

Carpet Party Host
Role: To give engaging and informative presentations that encourage sales and support of the organisation.

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