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It’s late 2014, and in order to move forward we need your help to raise a small amount of funds to do three things:

1. Help the lady who sews our carpets improve her house.

We feel we owe her a thank you because she’s done a lot of difficult work for us recently. She saved up and concreted ¼ of the floor in her home and we want to help her concrete the rest. You can help her improve her standard of living while helping CfC keep the environment clean where our carpets are sewn, improving the quality of our rugs.

Your donation will be used to buy concrete and finish her floor. Any leftover money will spent by her on improving her house.

(Please note we can’t use her name because she hasn’t signed a release to use her name or image yet)

(Total needed: $150)

2. Help us make a new product to test

A woman in Battambang whose daughter is a beneficiary of a PKO (our local partner) scholarship, is being hired to produce 200 simple woven bathroom rugs in colours suitable for the Australian market. Every house in Cambodia has at least a few of these and we hope that they will be popular with tourists as a “quintessentially Cambodian” memento as well as at home in Australia.

Your donation will go 100% towards paying her to make the new mats.

(Total needed: $200)

3. Artisan Rugs

Cambodia, and Battambang in particular, has a flourishing (if infant) community of artists. Most of these have received training, and in many instances significantly more, from local NGOs, and are actively engaged in local and national development efforts. We will begin by hiring a local artist to design a single rug for auction and getting one of our best producers to make it before sending it to Australia along with a matching piece of wall art to be auctioned.

Your donation will go towards paying a young artist for their time and their work, paying the CfC producer and staff to work on translating this art onto a rug and shipping the works to Australia for Auction.

(Total needed: $1,500)

Please consider making a once-off donation, or becoming a monthly supporter (leave the repeat field empty for continuous donations). Donations are processed by PayPal and credit cards are accepted.

To stop your monthly donation, or if you would like to know how your donation is used, please contact

Other ways to support CfC:

Sponsor a scholarship student
Many children of the families we support are in their final year of studying at high school and have aspirations to go to university. Despite the major improvement in their family’s livelihood, costs of university are still too high for them to afford.

In order to support high level education for the youth of Poipet, Carpets for Communities has set up a scholarship program. We are currently supporting four students and are looking on taking on more students in the future. Learn about how you can support our scholarship students to finish University and take the lead in redeveloping Cambodia.

Core funding:

Although we aim to sustain our operations %100 through sales we’ll never turn down ‘untied’ or ‘core’ funding. Donating without specifying what it has to be spent on allows us more flexibility in the way we solve problems and grow.

Direct bank transfer
If you would like to make a direct donation to our bank account, please use the following details;

For international transfers
Bank: ANZ
BSB: 015 354
Account Number: 252 488 532
Account Name: Empowering Communities Inc
Reference: Donate *your surname* (e.g. DonateSmith)
Swift Code: ANZBAU3M

For transfers Within Cambodia
ANZ Royal Bank
Account Name: Empowering Communities
Account Number: 1816336

Tax Deductible Donation
Since we are still in the process of applying for DGR status, for tax deductible purposes, you can do a transfer World Youth International with the below details, then email with the transfer details.

BSB: 105 008
Account Number: 087 675 740
Account Name: World Youth International
Reference: C4C *your surname* (e.g. C4C Smith)

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