Carpet Party

For over 7 years, Carpets for Communities has helped economically disadvantaged women in rural Cambodia to support their families and provide immediate education to children in need.

Interested in hearing our story and how we succeeded in changing the lives of 36 families in Cambodia? Host a Carpet Party!

What is a Carpet Party?

During a Carpet Party, a CfC representative will join you for an evening, afternoon, or lunch-break, to talk about our sustainable development programs in Cambodia. It provides a great opportunity to talk about women’s empowerment, community development, sustainable solutions to poverty, and fair trade. The Carpet reps are a wealth of knowledge about Carpets for Communities, so guests can ask any questions about the charity if they want additional information.

At every Carpet Party, our representative will bring a selection of our handmade eco-friendly carpets and rugs, giving you the opportunity to test and purchase our products. All profit from these sales return directly to our development program in Cambodia. Orders for specific colours and sizes can also be placed.

Carpets For Communities is a recognized Fair Trader of Australia and hosting one of our Carpet Parties this May will give you an unique insight in how an eco-friendly carpet can change lives.

How do I organise a Carpet Party? 

Email us with your interest and we will send you out the host pack and help you set up and run the party! All you really need to do is to choose a time and place, have some food and drinks available, and invite your friends, familie and colleagues.
Email to get started!

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