Community Centre

Carpets for Communities has worked with disadvantaged families in the Poipet commune, Cambodia, for over 7 years. Traditionally CfC employed disadvantaged mothers and provided them with home-based production opportunities, allowing them to become financially stable and to send their children back to school.

However, working with a home-based production process has caused several difficulties which we seek to eliminate with setting up a centralized workspace for our project participants. This workspace will give us better control over the production process and enable us to preform ongoing quality control. Furthermore, it provides a central location to conduct our empowerment and micro-business trainings and provides opportunities to work closely with the community.

Besides using the old warehouse as a workspace we aim to utilize the full potential of this centralized location by using it as a community centre to empower the community as a whole and to establish and improve relationships with all community members.

We are now in the process of organizing community workshops and surveys in order to establish the needs and wishes of the community for the workspace and the community centre.

Want to help us achieve this goal? You can now easily purchase a gift for our community centre in our online store!

For your donation you will receive a downloadable gift card, so you can surprise your friends and family with a gift which truly makes an impact.

Watch a short (volunteer) video of our old warehouse here:

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