Tout Kimchhean

Tout Kimchhean is a 22-year old who studies Electrical Engineering in Phnom Penh. He has just started his second year of studies;

Kimchhean joined the CFC scholarship program in October 2011 and is now studying electronic engineering in Phnom Penh. Only one year in University, he is already showing lots of potential. Not only is Kimchhean a hardworking student who is scoring high grades at his exams, he also enjoys to put his knowledge in practice.

In order to further develop his practical skills, Kimchhean volunteered to repair and rewire an old house of a friend. This hardworking character and interest in electronic engineering was noticed by his teacher and Kimchhean was offered the chance to spend his school holiday working for a large electronic engineering company. Together with four other University students, Kimchhean spent the school holiday in the countryside, setting up the electrical foundations for a new garment factory. Being able to work with industrial electricity schemes seems quite an amazing job for a first year student. We are very confident that Kimchhean will develop himself as a skilled electronic engineer with a bright future.

In his free time Kimchhean spends a lot of time improving his English. He can now easily communicate with the CfCs expatriate staff, and they enjoy talking with Kimchhean and hearing his stories. As his computer skills are also improving it gets easier to keep in touch via email.

Kimchhean is a very modest, friendly and compassionate adolescent. As he is learning, he grows more eager to help his community and share his knowledge with others. He is always happy to share his experiences about the city and University with those around him and he encourages his community to value education and keep their children in school.

Kimchhean has 3 years left to study. To be able to continue our support we are looking for sponsors to support Kimchhean through his coming years and to cover a total of $1600 p/year. This money includes his tuition fee, basic living costs, and other study costs such as books and materials. Please consider becoming Kimchheans’ official sponsor, starting from $35 a month.

This sponsorship comes with an official recognition in the form of a signed sponsorship certificate and the opportunity to place you name or companies logo on this page. Additionally, you’ll receive half year updates on Kimchheans’ progress in University.


1/4 Sponsorship 
Joined sponsorship by Gone Adventurin’ and the Rotary Club of Bukit Timah, Singapore.


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