Cheap Pheap

Cheap Pheap joined the project in June of 2008. She has a husband and 10 children—five between the ages of six and 15 and five older children.  In the past, most of the children attended school irregularly because their mother did not have the money. Now, all of the children have the chance to attend school every day.

Cheap Pheap earns on average $86 per month (as of 2010). Her husband works as a motor taxi driver for $2.30 to $3.50 per day. Their combined income does not cover all of the family’s living expenses, so Cheap Pheap often has to make purchases on credit and borrow from a moneylender. She has an outstanding loan from a microfinance institute from when they built their house. She still owes about $335 on this loan.

Nowadays her children live with poor health, often stricken with fevers and headaches. Cheap Pheap takes them to the public hospital where the services are free because Poor Family Development (an NGO) always pays for her.

Since she joined CfC, Cheap Pheap has seen her income increase so she can adequately feed and educate her children. She still wants to earn more money so she can afford to continue sending her children to school. She hopes that her children who often falls ill will get well soon. She hopes that CfC continues to provide her with many carpets.

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