Hon Ann

Hon Ann and her family joined the project in 2008. She cares for ten children; none previously attended school. Now, instead of working or helping out at home, four regularly attend school and none of the children under the age of 15 engage in paid employment.

Even though she has such a large family care for, before she joined the project, Hon Ann earned only $70.50 each month. While making carpets for CfC she earned $120 per month. This is enough money to buy enough food for the entire family and to send all of the children under 15 years old to school. She also makes cakes that her husband sells at the markets for an additional $3.20 per day so the family lives without taking loans, but they sometimes buy commodities on credit. She feels that her life has changed for the better since joining CfC as now she can provide her children with adequate nutrition and education. She hopes that all of the children in her care complete secondary schooling.

We have helped this family by giving capital to start their own pig framing business. However, this business proved difficult to sustain as many of the pigs fell sick. This has resulted in the family having to spendĀ  money on medical treatment for their pigs. As Hon Ann is already over 60 years old, we are looking for an alternative source of income which does not require heavy labour.

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