Nop Sinoun

Nop Sinoun joined the project in August of 2010. She has nine children with her husband. Two children are between six and 15 years old, six children are more than 15, and one child is still very young. In the past, because their mother did not have enough money, the children attended school erratically because they had to work as cart-pushers, or they just stayed at home. Because of the income she generates making carpets, all of Nop Sinoun’s school-aged children attend full time.

Nop Sinoun used to earn only $70.50 per month. With making carpets, she earned $119 per month. Her children older than 16 also work as cart-pushers and earn $2.50 to $3.50 per day. Nonetheless, these earnings do not cover the family’s total monthly costs, so Nop Sinoun often purchases commodities on credit and borrows from a moneylender. She still owes money on a loan she took to buy a cart to work in the Thai Market and to fix her house.

Since Nop Sinoun felt that she had the capabilities to start her own business, CfC assisted her establishing it by helping her to buy the necessary equipment. She started a small business selling popular local snacks of fruit and meatballs. This activity enables her to earn up to $200 a month.

Since joining CfC, Nop Sinoun and her family enjoy a higher income and have enough to eat. Her health has improved since she doesn’t have to work as long as before. She also has a better relationship with her husband. Some problems she worries about include a son who’s in jail and the travelling costs of visiting him. She also worries about repaying the moneylender. Nop Sinoun wants to make more carpets to earn more money.

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