Out Sopheap

Out Sopheap joined the project in 2008. She has six children of her own and one grandson. Before entering the project, most of her children attended school irregularly, but the three older ones dropped out completely to work in the Thai market. Here, they cleaned insects for only $1 per day. Currently, all the children aged six to 15 attend school full time because Out Sopheap earns a steady income making carpets.

Before joining CfC, Out Sopheap’s earned a total income of only $96.70 per month. While making carpets she earned $120 on average each month. With this income covering her monthly expenses, she could support her niece in addition to her own family and even put away some money in savings. However, she borrowed  money to send her daughter and son-in-law to work in Thailand. She still owes about $129 on this loan.

Nowadays, some of her children and grandchildren get fevers and diarrhea frequently. She usually finds adequate treatment by purchasing medicine at the market for $0.50, but if they remain unwell, she goes to a private hospital for $4 per visit.

Since joining CfC, the family gets enough to eat, has improved health, and Out Sopheap has the time to look after her young children since the others go to school every day. She hopes to continue making carpets so she can support her children to get a higher education. During her time with CfC, Out Sopheap has managed to set up her own sowing business, enabling her to make enough money to feed her children and keep them in school.

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