Sok Khan

Sok Khan started making carpets for CfC in 2009. She and her husband have four children, three of which are of school age. In the past, all three did not attend school because they had to gather recyclable materials to sell, each earning about $1 per day. Now, all three attend school.

Before she joined the project, Sok Khan earned $64.50 per month; her average income making carpets (as of 2010) was $120 per month. Besides this, Sok Khan’s husband earned $2.25 per day as a cart-pusher to support his family, and they have been able to purchase a motorbike and a television. Every month, they spend as much as they earn and therefore, have no outstanding loans. The family has started to use the motorbike as a taxi service and earns on average $2,5 a day. Combined with her husband’s income, this is enough to feed her family and keep her children in school.

Currently, the family drinks clean water and everyone sleeps beneath mosquito nets. Their health is very good and Sok Khan credits CfC for improving her life, and boosting her confidence so that she can now feed her children and prevent them from sickness. She believes she can now educate her children to their fullest potential.

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