Empowering Women in Cambodia through sports

Last June, 10 young professionals from Singapore cycled 400km from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to Siem Reap, Cambodia to raise funds for Carpets for Communities. These young change-makers are part of Gone Adventurin’, a Singapore-based initiative consisting of individuals who are united in their passion for sports and giving back to society.  Gone Adventurin’ members embark on endurance sports & adventures such as this one, to raise awareness & funds for sustainable projects.

The Gone Adventurin’ team’s entire expedition was captured by a film crew from LateNite Films based in Melbourne, Australia and made into a feature-length documentary called ‘Spinning Dreams’. This documentary has already been shown in Phnom Penh, Melbourne, Perth, Alice Springs, Adelaide and Singapore. This month it will be shown in Brisbane as a joint event with OXFAM Australia, Launceston, and Siem Reap. Through the project, the team already succesfully raised $60,000 for Carpets for Communities (CfC). “We hope to bring people along for the ride with us via the documentary and ultimately inspire them to take up similar causes,” explained Ashwin, Gone Adventurin’s founder.

At the end of the Gone Adventurin’ expedition, the team spent two days in the town of Poipet on the Thai-Cambodian border to witness first-hand the positive impact made by CfC. “Hearing hope in the mothers’ stories and how passionately they talk about their families’ futures was touching. It is clear that they are grateful for all the work that CfC has done for them,” shared expedition member and banker, Mai Ho.

Though the cycling expedition may have been completed, the journey has only just started for the team. Team members will now share their stories to inspire more people and different events. Individuals interested in supporting the effort can get involved by becoming a supporter and spreading the word on Gone Adventurin’ and Carpets for Communities or by  becoming a sponsor and contribute funds to the projects.

This March multiple city events celebrate the journey made by Gone Adventurin’ and the work that CfC is doing in Poipet. Join us in Brisbane, Launceston or Siem Reap and exepect and evening which combines the screening of Spinning Dreams with speakers and presentations, prizes, sale of fair trade products and food and drinks.

To learn more about Gone Cyclin’ visit: www.gonecyclin.com
Watch the trailer of Spinning Dreams here: http://carpetsforcommunities.org/events/gone-adventurin/

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