Our Families

Currently 33 families participate in CfC which helps them support their families and enable their children to go to school. Find out about their stories here:

Bun SamboBun Sambo

Hon AnnHon Ann

Yey Kimlay Yey Kimlay

Chhuon ChhomChhuon Chhom

Choup SaryChoup Sary

Dy RomdoDy Romdo

Ee IthEe Ith

Eourn ReiEourn Rei

Gnean OuchGnean Ouk

Gnean OukGnean Ouch

Gneap SophatGneap Sophat

Seng EngSeng Eng

Huy HanHuy Han

In SalyIn Saly

Kon SokhaKon Sokha

Koul PowKoul Pow

Lay Leang Lay Leang

Lim ChannaLim Channa

Moen MeanMoen Mean

Nop SinounSok Khan

Ouk SophatOuk Sophat

Ouk SoukpheapOut Sopheap

Youem YetYouem Yet

Ren SamonRen Samon

Ros SarethRos Sareth

Sary RethSary Reth

Seng EngSeng Sean

Vin LatVin Lat

Sok ChanraSok Chanra

Sok KhanNop Sinoun

Soun SumSoun Sum

Soung SeangeaySoung Seangeay

Tit SreyTit Srey


Former Families

Vin Lat

            Touch Mom

Chan-Srey-PoveChan Srey Pove

Houn AnnChea Vanna

Ouk SoukpheapOuk Sokpheap

Seng SanSeng San Prom SameanCheap Pheap






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